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Name:The Black Jewels, Tir Alainn, & Belladonna
Website:Anne Bishop's Official Site
Posting Access:All Members
Welcome to [community profile] blood_and_landen, a discussion community for fans of Anne Bishop's work. Discussion, meta, reviews, fic, fanart, and upcoming news are all welcome here.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our guidelines, as you will be expected to know, understand, and comply with them when posting to or interacting with the community. Violation may result in a mod asking you to edit your content or, in extreme cases, the deletion of your post.

General Policies:
1) Civil English. Be polite, and don't bring personal drama here--standard fare. If you've a problem with a member, please feel free to message the mod.
2) English. Period. We understand not everyone speaks fluent English, but that is not an excuse for writing a sentence like "thIs iz 4 u plz". Please use proper punctuation and grammar. If we cannot understand you, we retain the right to delete your post.
3) Cut long entries (longer than 10-15 lines), fic below the header, images larger than 300x300px, and spoilers when they apply.
4) All posts must be related to Anne Bishop. This includes questions and discussion about general news relating to Bishop, her novels, and upcoming news. Anything off-topic will be deleted.
5) Freezing comments on a post/deleting your post because you dislike the responses is a bannable offence, and it only takes once. If you feel a commenter is being unreasonably rude, please let the mod know and it will be taken care of.
6) Please keep comments relevant.
7) Short, informative subject lines (e.g. "new book release" or "Character discussion: Jaenelle") help us sort. Mods cannot change your content, so please make sure your title and post convey the necessary information.
8) Consolidate. If you have four different points to make, combine them into one post instead of making four separate ones.

Ads & Advertising:
1) Communities related to Anne Bishop may be advertised once without permission. The ad must be placed behind a cut and labelled as such. Failure to do this will result in your post being deleted.
2) Please keep ads brief, and don't spam the community.
3) This is not the place to sell copies of novels or merchandise of any sort. If you're looking to resell, check your local used bookstore or websites like or
4) You are always welcome to link back to personal journals, fiction communities, or graphics communities if you are linking to your own work. You do not have to post directly to this community, but make sure you are not linking to locked posts.

Fiction Policies:

The fiction & fanart community for Bishop appears to be relatively condensed, so rather than separate it off into separate communities, we're instead allowing posting of said fiction and fanart here. If we see a need to change this in the future, we will do so. Until that time comes, however, some guidelines:

Please use the following entry header for any submissions:

1) We welcome fanfiction of all types, lengths, genres, and pairings.
2) We rate via the Fiction Ratings System.
3) Spell out character names and pairings to avoid confusion.
4) Crossovers are allowed, provided characters and settings from Bishop's work are prominent.
5) Please proof your work. Working with a beta is not required, but please make the effort of catching obvious errors. The mods will warn you if your work appears to have not been proofread, and we reserve the right to delete posts if they are not edited within three days of the warning.
5) Feedback is always appreciated.
6) No plagiarism. Again, standard fare.

Graphics Policies:

1) We accept all graphics--icons, headers, banners, wallpapers, etc. Icons and headers do not have to be dreamwidth-compatible, though it's advisable.
2) Anything not safe for the workplace should be placed behind a cut.
3) Previews can consist of up to three icons. Larger graphics (i.e. those larger than 100x100px) are allowed one preview, provided it is smaller than 300x300px.
4) Graphics must pertain to Bishop's work.
5) This is not a request community. Graphics makers are perfectly welcome to offer to take requests, but this is not the place for you to post the request addressed to the community in general.

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